Other census tools

Take a look at the tools we provide for to access census data:

As well as the tools we provide, other organisations also provide access to census data:

From the Census Offices:

From other providers:

  • DataShine Census: 2011 Census data mapped onto recognisable street maps
  • A Vision of Britain through time: census reports, statistics and maps relating to historic Censuses (from 1801)
  • Synthetic population: was created using census data and microsimulation methods to generate multivariate microdata for a synthetic population with small geographies. It is available from the Consumer Data Research Centre under safeguarding.
  • PopChange: Compare Cenus population data, such as deprivation, ethnicity or health, for years between 1971 to 2011, on a map of your local area

Longitudinal census data

CALLS-Hub provides harmonised information about all three studies. The following support units provide more detailed information:

  • England and Wales (ONS LS): CeLSIUS
  • Scotland (SLS): SLS-DSU
  • information on all three census longitudinal studies at CALLS Hub

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