Special Session on The Role of the Census in Regional Science - External event

23 August 2017
Crown Hotel, Harrogate

The census is a major undertaking. No other single data collection exercise sets out to collect information from all individuals and households in the United Kingdom at a point in time. Obtaining details of over 59 million individuals in 2011 was a remarkable achievement in itself. However, in the words of the National Statistician, “The success of the census is not defined by how many people completed the form….. A successful census is defined by how it is used”. This session aims to demonstrate the value of population census data to Social Science in general and to Regional Science in particular.

The session is organised to celebrate the publication of The Routledge Handbook of Census Resources, Methods and Applications: Unlocking the UK 2011 Census. Many of the presentations are based on chapters contributed to this volume.

For bookings please contact the conference secretary, Justin Doran, by email (Justin.Doran@ucc.ie).


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