Workshop: 2011 Census - flow data

16 February 2015
Bedford Way G11, University College London

The flow data from UK censuses are used to track movements between two geographies; home and work, origin and destination, or first and second residence. Data from the 2011 Census are now becoming available in open and safeguarded format and are expected to be of much higher quality than 2001 data.

This half-day hands-on workshop will allow attendees to explore flow data for themselves in a supported practical environment. Basic principles of migration, travel to work and second residence data will be explained. Attendees will then explore the data using WICID and direct download to produce simple analyses. The session will be of use to those who wish to use 2001 or 2011 data including beginners.


  • £15.00 - UK-registered students
  • £30.00 - staff at UK academic institutions and research centres, ESRC-funded researchers, UK-registered charity and voluntary organisations, staff in public sector and Government
  • £75.00 - all other participants including commercial

The workshop is organised by Oli Duke-Williams and Vassilis Routsis, UCL, UK Data Service Census Support.


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