Webinar: 2011 Census - aggregate data

27 January 2015
Online at 14.00

The aggregate outputs from UK censuses provide detailed, high quality information on a wide range of the demographic and socio-economic characteristics of people and households across the UK. They are, however, large and very complex datasets, which can make them difficult to understand and use effectively.

This webinar will focus on aggregate outputs from the UK 2011 Census and demonstrate how new methods of managing and providing access to them have made it much easier to work with them and exploit the valuable information they contain.

The webinar will include:

  • an introduction to UK 2011 Census aggregate outputs and geographies, and some common issues encountered in working with them
  • an update of what data InFuse contains
  • a demonstration of the InFuse interface and its key features in simplifying understanding and access to census aggregate outputs
  • an opportunity for members of the audience to put questions to the presenters

Recording from webinar


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