Reinventing Census Workplace Data

1 April 2014
University of Manchester

Modern censuses in England and Wales have asked respondents for their usual place of work in addition to current and previous residential addresses.

These data have been central to the production of travel-to-work and migration statistics, but the characteristics and distribution of the workplace population has not featured significantly in census outputs. In 2001, only four small univariate tables were produced to describe the characteristics of workplace populations.

This seminar will present the concept, design and implementation of an entirely new geographical coverage of workplace zones that has been created for the 2011 census in England and Wales, building on the automated zone design techniques used for the creation of output areas.

The production of new workplace population statistics is set within the context of a growing demand for more time-specific population distributions and will offer important new analytical opportunities.

The seminar is part of the joint Centre for Census and Survey Research, Institute for Social Change and Social Statistics Seminar Series. The presenter is Dave Martin of the University of Southampton and Deputy Director of the UK Data Service.


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