Explore census data

Census data can be accessed using a number of different tools.

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    Boundary Data Resources: Easy Download

    Quick access to a set of the most frequently requested boundary datasets.

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    Boundary Data Selector

    Download the boundaries you want, for the area you want, in the format you want.

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    Casweb provides access to UK aggregate data for the 1971, 1981, 1991 and 2001 Censuses.

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    GeoConvert is a geography matching and conversion tool. GeoConvert allows users to obtain and manipulate complex geographical and postcode data in a straightforward way.

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    Access UK 2011 and 2001 English and Welsh Census aggregate data by selecting topics, categories within topics, and geographic areas.

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    Access the individual level census data, known as the Samples of Anonymised Records (SARs), through Nesstar.

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    Postcode Data Selector

    Download the set of postcodes that you want from postcode directories released between 2001 and the present day.

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    Postcode Directory Download

    Download complete versions of current and historical postcode directories.

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    Thematic Mapper

    Create Choropleth thematic maps from your own uploaded CSV file and boundary data.

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    WICID is a flexible interface providing access to flow data. These data contain counts which are linked to an origin and destination, such as migration or commuting flows.

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