Census boundary data

ukWe provide access to digitised boundary datasets and geographic look-up tables corresponding to the census geography of the UK. Digital boundaries are provided in common Geographical Information System (GIS) formats.

Access boundary data

Data which fall under Open Government Licence (OGL) are available to all users. Non-OGL data may still be subject to access restrictions. Details of which data are open and restricted can be found on the boundary data licenses page.

The most regularly requested census boundaries available as ready-to-use national datasets in popular formats

boundary-dataBoundary Data Selector
This facility lets you select the boundaries you want, for the area you want, in the format you want

postcodeDirectoryDownloadPostcode Directory Download
This facility allows you to download complete versions of current and historical postcode directories (sometimes referred to as look-up tables)

PostcodeDataSelectorPostcode Data Selector
This facility allows you to download the set of postcodes that you want from postcode directories released between 2001 and the present day

A geography matching and conversion tool. Obtain and manipulate census geographical and postcode data in a straightforward way. GeoConvert is open to all

ThematicMapperThematic Mapper
Create Choropleth thematic maps from your own uploaded CSV file and boundary data from Census Support

WicidWICID (Web-based Interface to Census Interaction Data)
This facility allows users to select and download migration and journey-to-work flow data collected by the Census of Population.

This facility contains boundary data bundled with census aggregate data for the 2001 and 1991 Censuses.

How to download Boundary data

View our video tutorial on how to download boundary data offering a range of digitised boundary data including boundaries designed for use with census data in several GIS geographic information system formats..

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